January is such a long month, but when you have dogs boarding in your home, the time does pass very quickly! Taz, a lovely little border terrier, 2 years old, came to stay within our family home for just over two weeks.   

Relaxing at home

She bought us many laughs with her great enthusiasm for tennis balls (any balls actually), with a permanent game being played throughout the day, up and down the garden she ran and fetched – keeping us on our toes! 

This orange squeeky ball seemed to be her favourite of the day!

Come on, throw me the ball!

Our dog Annie in the background looking on as if to say “where does she get all her energy from!”

Sleeping off the days activities

Taz exhausted from her ball fetching, she loved to curl up on the sofa and sometimes on our bed 🙂 
We miss her now she has gone home,the house seems very quiet, but we can’t wait for her to stay with us again!
Hi Everybody!
Here are some Animals doing what they like to do best!

Peanut prefers to relax within the fruit bowl to take a well deserved rest from the days activities!

Annie and Oscar –  Annie just had to pull one of her faces by doing her sticky out tongue trick! 🙂

Ossie says " Please don’t take my toys away mum, i’m not done yet" !
Lip smacking good says Ollie " I love those digestive biscuits"!
If you have any funny pics, please forward them on to us and we will post them up for everyone to see!
Ollie was visited at home whilst his owners had a well deserved day out!  We took Ollie out lunch time for a lovely walk to the park where he met lots of other woofy friends to play with.  On returning home, he enjoyed a good play with his toys and a small treat, his favourite digestive biscuit! 


A Trifle Nice!

This is Trifle, she is a beautiful girl, with gorgeous white markings on her nose and chest!  She really enjoyed a cuddle and loads of fuss and tickles, whilst her owners were away on holiday. 



18th May 2010

This is Hank!  He is 3 years old and loves to be tickled and stroked!  His favourite meat is Salmon!  On my first visit to Hank, I walked into the kitchen and I then heard gentle steps coming down the stairs. I looked down the hallway and there, at the bottom of the step, a little face appeared around the bannister.  Very curious was Hank, as he came to meet me and ask for his favourite pouch!  

   Hank has beautiful eyes and whiskers!

  Hank enjoyed clawing at my jeans 🙂

 Just a little nap and a purr! Lovely!










Hi Everyone!
Soo good to see some sunshine in May, and here at FluffyPaws, our dogs and cats are thoroughly enjoying the spring sunshine!
Hattie enjoys her back rub…. feels so good on the grass amongs the daises 🙂
Oscar gives us a gorgeous smile!  He just loves the sun and playing ball!
And me, hmmm trying to get some work done, but Max is very keen to put a stop to that! 🙂

Colin enjoyed his recent boarding holiday at Sarah’s home.  He made some fast friends during his stay with her, particularly interested in her feathered friends.  He loved to be snuggled and cuddled by Sarah, and to listen to Ruby and Cheeko, the Cockatiels, and especially Angel – the Parrott who had plenty of things to say and sing to keep Colin amused!